MIDAS – Invest in Manchester

MIDAS is Manchester’s inward investment agency and its role is to attract new investment and employment to Greater Manchester from key sectors in national and international markets. Working closely with potential investors and in partnership with Greater Manchester’s ten local authorities, they deliver a free advice service including property solutions, recruitment and financial assistance.

For more information, please visit investinmanchester.com.

David Hilton,  Head of Business Development – Manufacturing and Advanced Engineering commented:

“MIDAS is proud to be supporting The World Advanced Materials Summit & Expo 2020, right here in the heart of the world’s first industrial city, Manchester – a centre of innovation and the UK’s Hub for Advanced Materials.

This is an opportunity to learn from the businesses and experts who are already living in the future, with working examples of how materials such as graphene, light alloys, and composites are transforming products and the way we live, across multiple sectors including lightweight materials for low carbon transport, fire retardant coatings, life-saving medical devices, revolutionary semi-conductor materials and printed electronics & sensors.”