Day 1 – Tuesday 31st March

Actionable Ideas from Leading Innovators

Opening Panel – Innovators in Advanced Materials

World-leading research in both academia and industry is driving the advanced materials sector in the UK. The benefits for industry, whether to remove weight or offer superior performance, mean that now we are seeing a true meeting of minds between universities and industry, delivering innovation in real practical implementations.
The panel will discuss the market for advanced materials, successful projects in practice and some of the new and exciting developments on the horizon.

James Baker, CEO

Overview of advanced materials for commercial application
An insight into the development of novel materials now available for application in manufacturing with an overview of the likely use and benefits to manufacturing

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Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester

Advanced Materials for Innovation in Manufacturing

Transforming advanced materials technologies into profit
How to successfully guide new products and technologies through the many layers of organisational structure and corporate hurdles to become successful new products

Dr Andy Wynn, Managing Director

Understanding the importance of scale up when using advanced materials in a manufacturing context
Learning the key to successful application of advanced materials. The most valuable knowledge and intellectual property associated with a new material can usually only be revealed once scaleup manufacturing has been implemented.

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Developing closer collaboration between academia and industry
While the initial science behind the development of advanced materials can be driven by academic institutions, to achieve scale up and true benefits to industry, a closer collaboration for effective implementation is required.

Professor Philip Withers, Regius Professor of Materials, School of Materials

Panel: understanding the real new skills that will be needed for the advanced materials revolution
Where are the current skills shortages and how will they feed into the future? How can you forecast what skills you will need to foster now for the future? Where are the skilled resources going to come from?

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Applications of Advanced Materials in Practice

Case study: aerospace
Using advanced materials within the aerospace industry focuses on increasing hybridisation of materials for reduced weight and optimised manufacturing processes for faster, scalable joining and assembly.

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Case study: automotive
Integrating advanced materials within a sophisticated design for lightweight, safety and protection.

Tim Harper, Chairman

Case study: food and drink industry
Demonstrating a functioning solution to an industrial need can often be the first of many steps to provide a commercial product. The presentation will provide an insight into the processes involved in the successful commercialisation of vacuum-based processes, and highlights the benefits of a partnership between academia, industry, and government.

Dr. Glen West, Senior Lecturer

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Day 2 – Wednesday 1st April

Intellectual Property: a masterclass focusing on the advanced materials industry

Jason Teng, Partner and UK and European patent attorney

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Deep Dive into Leading Advanced Materials


Andy Goodwin, Chief Technology Officer


Speaker to be confirmed

Advanced technology and developments for composite applications
An overview of current advanced processing capabilities available at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre. The presentation will cover processing technologies including 3 Dimensional Weaving, Tailored Fibre Placement, Robotic Braiding, Composite processing and Carbon Fibre Tow spreading.

Chris McHugh, Dry Fibre Development Manager, AMRC with Boeing UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD

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Deep Dive into Leading Advanced Materials


Dr Kirk Malone, Director of Commercialisation, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology


Speaker to be confirmed

Sustainability in packaging materials using advanced polymers

Prof. Michael P. Shaver, FRSC, FIMMM, Professor of Polymer Science, Henry Royce Institute

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